Full flavor coffee from the French Press


The perfect “Press pot”

                  Also known as the “French Press”

Every morning I ask myself a very important question, “How many cups of coffee does this morning require?” The answer to that question determines what technique needs to be used.

One cup mornings belong to the mighty AeroPress. Two or three cup mornings belong to the faithful, flavorful French press. More than three cups calls for a pour-over. On really rough or early mornings, the first cup gets a shot or two of our light espresso to make a creamy "Dirty Hippie" that elevates the morning buzz like nothing else can.

This morning required two cups, so out came the French press! The beauty of the press extraction comes from the coarse grind and mesh sieve. When drawn across a paper filter, coffee is filtered down to around 10 microns and no oils or particulate is allowed to cross. The mesh sieve allows oils and some sediment through, greatly increasing flavor and aroma of the coffee. There is a striking difference between the same coffee filtered through paper versus a mesh sieve.

Here are a few techniques you can use to get the best coffee possible from the press pot.

 Pre-heat the French press by allowing hot water to sit and warm the glass.

 Begin with fresh whole bean coffee, always. Measure out 2 tablespoons for each cup you desire.

 Grind coffee coarsely, this will minimize the debris that passes the sieve.

 Start with cold water, always. You’ll need 6 ounces of water for each cup of coffee.

 Measure your water and pour into a clean kettle.

 Pre-heat the burner and heat water on HIGH.

 When the water boils remove from heat immediately.

      The longer the water is heated the less oxygen it has to pick up coffee flavor and aroma!

 Wait for the vigorous boiling to calm down to a quiet boil, approximately 200F.

 Pour just enough water to cover the coffee grounds and allow them to bloom for 20-30 seconds.

 Pour the rest of the water into the press and swirl to mix well. Cover to conserve heat.

 Allow coffee to extract 2-4 minutes, agitating/swirling during the first 2 minutes.

 When no grounds cling to the glass when swirled, your coffee is ready!

 Slowly press the plunger firmly and steadily, directly down.

      If the press is too fast or the plunger crooked, grounds will pass the sieve (not good).

 Once pressed, pour yourself a cup and enjoy the full flavor of your coffee!!

 Clean and air-dry your glass, plunger, and sieve when finished to keep your press fresh.


How do you choose which technique to use in the morning?

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