The secret to excellent cold coffee


We have been serving our Bright Morning Bayou Blend on ice at the Benton Farmer’s Market and have heard strong opinions about cold coffee. Many people are excited to get their caffeine fix while cooling down, while others wrinkle their nose in disgust as they ask why we would do such a thing to coffee. This led us to believe that many may have had bad experiences with cold coffee, not surprising since there are few ways to make it properly and many ways to mess it up. We would like to share our technique to help you get the most from your coffee during the sweltering summer months.

We believe in a hot brew and slow cool down. This maximizes the excellence of the coffee while minimizing the factors that may taint the final product. There are cold brew systems on the market that claim smooth, lower acidity coffee. While some beans/blends may work well with these extraction processes, we have found them to be inferior to the flavor and aroma achieved during an extraction around 200°F.

If we extract at 200 degrees, how then do we get the coffee cold? If the beverage is chilled too quickly it will develop bitterness. We seal the fresh brew in glass containers and let them come down to room temperature slowly over the next day. Once the brew is comfortably room temperature, it moves to a refrigerator to finish its journey to chilliness.

We use a lightly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe at the heart of our cold brew blend that has bright acidity that remains through the cooling process. We utilize a coarse grind to intensify the brightness so the final product is not flat and boring.

The result is a clean cup of cold coffee that highlights the distinctive flavor of African beans without a trace of bitterness. We hope you enjoy!

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